Sunday, January 07, 2007

Leaving Blogger?

Quite possibly.

Since Blogger's merger with Google, I've found that I cannot personalize the templates the way I used to. And being I'm not entirely familiar with CSSs and whatnot, I've decided to take up temporary residence at Wordpress.

So far I like it better. I can even personalize my header with my own photographs without coding. Just a few seconds in Photoshop to crop it, upload it and there you go.

Stay tuned. I may be moving for good--soon.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

What Could Have Been

You ever stop to think about the way things might have been? I try not to but this situation in particular made me laugh. And it all has to do with names.

First of all, you all know my name is Dave. That's been established. But being that I was born on Valentine's Day, it was my Nana's suggestion that I be named Valentin.

Oh, just you wait. It gets better.

When my father migrated from Mexico to the U.S., his real last name was Caballero (he changed it soon afterwards). So put those two things together and you get...

Valentin Caballero. Yes, that could have been my name.

You can stop laughing now. Seriously :)

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Click on image for proof!

Let it be known to all that the morning show of Jamie, Jack and Stench is no more. It's not like I listened to the show or anything (although I did try once). I'm just glad to see three more talentless radio hacks off the air.

I mean, really. How many times does Jamie have to scream and yell over her private parts? Oh, and I'm really happy that Bill Handel did what he did to her. She's a loudmouthed, arrogant primadonna who polluted L.A.'s airwaves with nonsensical ramblings only those with IQs below 1 could appreciate. As Handel himself told Jamie during his on-air rant, "It's a loser show with loser ratings."

You won't get the real dirt anywhere else, so here's the newsletter my brother sent me:

(January 4, 2007) KYSR, a station that has struggled with its image over the years, is beginning the New Year with a new, personality driven morning show that will complement the recently inaugurated theme of “Today’s Music Alternative.” STAR 98.7 has taken a significant ratings slide in recent years.

The relaunched music image was spearheaded by pd Charese Fruge, who arrived from a successful stay in Denver radio last Spring. (Thanks to Norman Moore of North Hollywood for the revised artwork)

As a result, the Jamie, Jack & Stench morning show will not be returning. “In planning for 2007, Star 98.7 management determined that the show is not a long term fit with the music intensive, artist driven direction that began last April,” said Greg Ashlock, president/market manager of the Clear Channel LA cluster. “We are grateful for their many years of talented service entertaining Southern California radio listeners. The plan for the future of Star 98.7 mornings is in place and will be announced on-air within the next week.”

Did last month’s encounter between KFI’s Bill Handel and KYSR’s Jamie White on December 15 have anything to do with the decision to drop the morning show? Ashlock claims the decision had absolutely nothing to do with the Handel incident. “Jamie, Jack & Stench did nothing wrong. I'm sure people will try to tie the two events together because it's more sensational. But, it's just not true. The decision to move in a different direction with Star mornings was made weeks in advance as we went through the budget process, evaluated our options and decided to move in a direction that better complemented the rest of the station.”

Good riddance, and good on Bill Handel.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Man, I'm telling you. There's always something interesting to see when I take the train to work.

Take this morning, for instance. I had just walked up to the platform of the Green Line station when I noticed some smoke billowing from the street below. Upon further review it looked like a car on fire. There was already a fire department on scene.

So I stood and watched while I waited for the train. The smoke got darker and heavier as the fire continued to burn. Then it got even thicker. Finally the flames got higher.

And then it happened.

BOOM! the gas tank on the car exploded. And let me tell you, it was loud. The power of the blast hit me right in the chest--and I was far away. I can only imagine what it must have felt like to the firefighters trying to extinguish the damn thing.

It was one of those moments when you realize the stranger standing next to you is just as human as you. Looking at the reactions of the people around me, it was all the same--utter surprise. My eyes met those of a guy in his mid-20s. We both said "DAAAYUM!" at the same time. It was pretty funny.

And as if seeing stuff like this isn't enough, then there's the filming of Fox's "Stand Off" that was done last week literally in front of my office building.


*checks date of last post*

*checks today's date*

Hey, hi there! Holy crap, it's been a long time. My time is now at a premium since my days are so much longer than they were before, and I hardly spend any time online anymore.

But that's going to change I think.

I'm planning on taking at least one night a week--after everybody has nodded off--to update this blog of mine. It's just a plan but we'll see how it goes. And trust me, there's lots to talk about!

Keep an eye on this place. Fresh posts and pics will soon follow!