Saturday, May 14, 2005

This'll Come in Handy...Somewhere...

So I was walking through Target the other day and came across something a bit curious.

Now I'm all for convenience. Especially with computer stuff. Case in point: USB flash drives.

I first got one of these for Ann when she was in college where she had to share large files with her fellow students. (To show you long ago it was, that drive cost me $40 for 32MB. I recently bought 128MB for $19.99.) They would work on PowerPoint presentations on their laptop and when someone finished their portion, they would save it to the USB drive and let the next person work on it. Like I said, cool.

But when I saw this, I literally stared at it for at least a few minutes, wondering why:

That's right, folks. A genuine Swiss Army brand pocket knife with file, scissors, knife, and a 128MB flash drive.

Because you never know when you'll have to back-up data. Or kill a bear.

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