Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Past Keeps Coming Back!

And it's not really a bad thing.

Ann and I went to Target the day after Christmas to stock up on supplies for next year. We found some good stuff, including a 256 MB xD card--just what we needed to buy for the digital camera Ann's dad received this year--for $24.

At any rate, while in the Electronics Department, I spoke with a former co-worker of mine who still works there. She mentioned that there was this, in her words, "skinny white guy that keeps asking for me."

It wasn't that hard to narrow down--I don't know many skinny white guys. I left her my name and number in case dude came back some time soon.

Little did I know that it would only be hours later that I'd get a call from skinny white guy, a former Target co-worker by the name of Kevin who I hadn't spoken to (read: unvoluntarily lost communication with) in at least 12 years. We spoke for a bit and promised to catch-up in full detail later. He still sounds the same, and still funny as hell.

If my count is accurate, he makes the 5th person this year that I happened to come across, that I hadn't seen or spoken to in at least 10 years. Makes me wonder what I did right to all of a sudden have all these people back in my life.

It's been cool seeing and hearing from all of them once again. And I'm thankful for it all.

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