Saturday, February 26, 2005

Today's Summary

What the hell is that about? I'll get to it.

We went to the Los Angeles Zoo today and, thanks once again to our Entertainment 2005 book, admission was 2-for-1. Cripes, lunch cost more than admission.

At any rate, the L.A. Zoo doesn't hold a candle to the San Diego Zoo in terms of...well, anything. They are doing some major remodeling so the gorilla and elephant exhibits were closed.

Ann asked me what they do with the animals during remodeling.

"This is L.A. They could let them roam the street and I doubt anybody would notice," was my reply.

Right at about the giraffe exhibit, I saw a graying dude that looked familiar. Upon closer inspection I noticed it was none other NBC4 talking head Chuck Henry. I approached Chuckles and told him I'd been watching him pretty much all my life. He mumbled something about that being a long time and walked away with his Sony Digicam to shoot the giraffes.

What an asshole! I could have mentioned the time we was crying like a sissy girl in the news van when it was surrounded by wildfires. He should just be glad someone recognized him without the makeup.

On the way back, I saw a car on the freeway with one of those die-cut decals. This one was of footprints and each one had a name underneath it: Mom, Dad, etc. etc. etc. I don't know about you, but my child's name is the last thing I want is to advertise to potential child abductors or sex offenders. Granted posting my son's name here probably isn't too much smarter, but any dickhead walking down the street isn't going to nab him out of cyberspace, either.

Oh, and we heard one hell of an accident today while coming home. To quote Large Marge, "It sounded like someone dropped a trash truck off the Empire State Building." And it did. I didn't see it, but after I heard the crash I looked in the mirror and saw full-size truck careening into the curb.

An interesting day.

(Disclaimer: Chuck did not say he was an ass. But he sure acted like one.)


DLAK said...

There is a place to go when all else seams like its not. What Im trying to say is Dog Parts will set you free. Or maybe not.

David Moreno said...

I've had only a few comments left on my blog. Yours was definitely one of them.