Sunday, February 06, 2005

Was There A Football Game Today or Something?

I am by no means a football fan. But even so, there's little escape from the media blitz that brings it to the forefront this time of year. Although, perhaps, not as over-hyped as so-called March Madness. Thank God Gran Turismo 4 comes out this month.

So that's why we decided to pack up the car today and head down to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Again, thanks to our Entertainment coupon book, we only paid for one adult ticket.

It's a cool place, but that didn't stop some idiots vandalizing it a few months ago. We at the aquarium on Opening Day years ago and have gone back a few times since. It's amazing place.

One exhibition that we hadn't seen yet was the Lorakeet Forest. For $1, you can buy a cup of nectar and once you enter the exhibit...well, this should explain it:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Those colorful birds come flocking to you like you wouldn't believe. One of them nibbled my ear, and more stood on my arms. Anthony didn't seem as excited as me, but he's still young.

He did, however, enjoy watching the sea lions. Ann and I did touch a few sharks and rays--one rough and the other slimy--as well as a sea anemone.

What a great way to spend the day. And like so many other amazing places, like the San Diego Zoo, it's a non-profit organization. Check them out during your next SoCal visit.

Football game? Today? I must have missed it.

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