Sunday, July 17, 2005

It's Been a Year!

Has it really been a year since I started this blog? Yes, it has. Here's my first post. 96 posts, including this one, and 1,512 hits. Not bad I guess.

But enough of that. Today Ann and I decided to inflate the pool we got last year at Target on clearance (regular $29.99, clearance for $7.48--I rule!) It's one of those three-ringer jobs that can hold about three people. The problem was that although I'm full of hot air, there was no possible way for me to fill it with my own oxygen.

So I went and asked my neighbor if he had a compressor. He said he did, but that it overheated when he inflated his pool which is smaller than ours.

Then Ann had an idea. She wondered if the Shop-Vac was also a blower as some of them used to be. We checked and no, it didn't blow.

At that point is when it hit me. Last year for Christmas, Ann's dad gave me a leaf blower/sucker. We have a huge tree in front of the house and it makes a mess in the fall, so that's why he got it for me.

The mother of invention strikes again!

I plugged the blower in, Ann removed the plugs from the pool, and I let it rip. We had that pool inflated in--literally--30 seconds.

But it took at least an hour to fill it! The next time we do it, I'll take pics. It's kinda funny. Maybe I'll shoot a video for shits and giggles.

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