Tuesday, August 09, 2005


At this time, there is a rat inside one of the walls of my home. We heard it eating away at the structure this morning.

Can't image why we have rats around here. Could be the grapefruit tree. Or the orange tree. Or perhaps it's the fact that my trailer-trash neighbors caught one and hung it up by its tail on their clothesline:


I mean, I did a lot of stupid and strange things when I was young, but they never involved hanging a deceased, diseased animal by its tail. Not only that, chronologically these guys are adults. Mentally, I dunno.

Stupidity aside, this is a health issue. Anthony's 16 months, our neighbor on the other side of Motel 6--the loving nickname given to our trailer trash neighbor's house as they frequently "leave the light on" for guests--also have a small child. And yes, there's a smaller child living at Motel 6, too. This might have even been hung up by the kid's dad. Can you imagine...?

The Health Department has been called. I'm waiting for their callback. I had to take a day off work to buy rat traps, cut down the orange tree, and other assorted Verminator activities.

Got to get going.

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