Saturday, August 20, 2005

Another Trip to Marukai

Yes, we spent some more money at the Marukai Super 98+ store today. Note that they are now "98+" as they carry items more than their traditional 98-cent price point. Their high-end merchandise will cost you from $1.25 to $1.50. Still, not bad.

Today's finds included volumes 4, 8, and 9 of "Classical Music on TV" CDs. They are CDs that have various classical tunes that were used for Japanese commercials. Most of them are recognizable. I mean, hey for $1.50, you get some pretty good tunes. Volume 4 alone has the William Tell Overture and In The Hall of the Mountain King, both instantly known by most.

What would have really been cool was if the CDs had videos of the commercials. Oh well. I also managed to find some reflectorized stickers to put on my bike, as well as a flashing red LED light. Damn, I just spent $8 for one at Target! There was this sticker I should have gotten, too. It just was a red square with the silhouette of a presumably vicious dog and the word "DANGER" superimposed over it--in English and Japanese. It looked so damn cool; it could probably work well on a t-shirt.

Again, I highly recommend this joint. And they now have website goodness! Find a location, go there, and be prepared to spend lots of yen!
If you go to the Fountain Valley location, eat at J&J Subs which is in the same parking lot, next to the Baskin Robins. Great food and always-friendly people.

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