Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tony Muhammad: Nation of Islam tool

There isn’t any amount of screaming, yelling, congregating, praying, or sign waving that your little ska-band of an organization can do to convince me that they are nothing more than an outdated and useless gang of decrepit hateful old thugs which you believe represents the voice of the African American community. In reality, only you believe what you are saying. The majority of African Americans don’t care about your group. But you never hear from them because they are too busy making something of themselves; bettering their lives.

Being loud and obnoxious does get attention, yet it is also the way that small groups such as yours—those representing an opinion that most likely will be unfavorable by most—try to convince everybody that you are right. And like those other groups the majority of the population, race notwithstanding, don’t care about what you have to say.

While you hoot and holler over these “injustices” brought upon your fellow members by the Los Angeles Police Department, I can’t help but think to myself that they probably deserved what they got. And perhaps they deserved more. When you disobey the orders of officers, you can’t possibly expect for them to respond with flowers, candy, and two tickets to a Lakers game. That’s not to say that there aren’t any corrupt officers because I know there are. But just because you are African American doesn’t give you the right to disobey orders given to you. And when you show signs of resisting, the course of action taken is done in response to yours, not the color of your skin. But alas, the race card is always present.

I’m law-abiding Hispanic male. If I should ever be ignorant enough to put myself in the situations you do, I’d simply do what the police told me. Sure I could kick and scream, but then I’d have all of those idiot Hispanic rights groups defending my actions which were clearly intentional and meant to provoke the officers and disrupt the peace. There’s no defense to stupidity, unless you are in the Nation of Islam. And Lord knows I wouldn’t want those puerile brains at La Raza coming to defend me when I was clearly wrong. They are as bad as you.

You turn every one of your community’s misfortunes into a rally against whitey. You want to “police the police” and request that only African American officers respond to calls in your community. You believe that the world still hates “black people” and that nothing has changed in 40 years. In short, you’re angry and you want things your way, all the time.

You incite crowds and shape their opinion into what you want them to believe. It’s never the fault of the victim, no. Always blame the white devil.

What the hell gives you the right to go about spouting such ignorant banter? The only reason you believe that nothing has changed in 40 years is that you don’t want it to change. Then there’d be no Nation of Islam if you gave up hating whitey. You’d have to go out and find a real job, realizing that the time you wasted rallying against those evil crackers could have been better spent in college earning an education. But no, you’d rather go around pointing fingers at anyone who is not with your little group—and it is little when compared to those who think you look like clowns. The police aren’t killing the young African American male; they are killing each other. But it’s easier to blame the police rather than the mother who didn’t raise their sons responsibly. And don’t give me the single mother jive because that’s no excuse. Go crying to my mother about it and she’ll tell you a thing or two about being a single mother raising two sons.

You are a minority by every definition of the word only because you choose to remain one. You and your fellow members have every right to make something of yourselves but because you still believe that you are being oppressed—you’re actually prisoners of your own mind—you use that as a mechanism to make the world feel sorry for you.

Well, I don’t. And there’s a good chance that my boss doesn’t, either. A former gang member, he’s been a successful magazine publisher for the last 25 years.

Oppressed? I don’t think so.

Yet the sad thing is, the media buys into this nonsense. It’s good ratings. It’s not that they believe you; if they ignored you, you’d be the first to call them racists. Seems you can’t win either way. And in the end, you never have anything to say except the same old biblical rhetoric that elicits shouts of AMEN and GO ON and MMM HMM from your followers.

So to Tony Muhammad, Danny Bakewell, and any of these attention-whoring, so-called community activists, a fancy term for “non-working troublemaker,” the world owes you nothing. I owe you nothing and I don’t want anything from you. Your group is only a blip on the radar of life, a blip that I wish would somehow get lost in the Bermuda Triangle and never be heard from again.

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