Monday, November 15, 2004

Big Breakfast?

When it comes to breakfast, I usually whip up a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles or make some Pillsbury Toaster Streudels - the Strawberry Cream Cheese ones being my favorite.

But since we now have our Entertainment coupon book, we decided to take advantage of the McDonald's offer of a free Big Breakfast with the purchase of the same.

It'd been years since I had one so I figured what the hell.

I should have taken a picture. You would not have believed it.

Breakfast, partially. As for Big, well, it was far from it.

When I opened the Styrofoam container, I was shocked to find out that McDonald's latest Big Breakfast version, perhaps Big Breakfast Millennium Edition, consisted of a biscuit, some scrambled eggs, and a chewy sausage patty. Oh, you do get a hash brown patty but damn - this was crappy!

Let's put it this way. The biscuit was split and utilized as the bun, and the eggs and sausage were the innards. I combined that with one packet of runny McDonald's jelly and I had my "big" breakfast - on a bun. Basically, when you order one of these things you are getting a Sausage and Egg Biscuit Value Meal sans the drink.

The plus side: We only spent $3.50+ for the two. Even at that, I still think we were charged too much.

McDonald's sucks eggs. And sausage.


Balfarg said...

ok going to McDs is hell on earth and I for one don't do it anymore. Not that any employee of theirs ever noticed as I seemed to be the invisible man. I could go into any McDs at 9 in the morning and still be there at 9 at night. A great way to lose weight. Now i'm down to 6 stone and I'm back on the Coco Pops. Oh joy!

Enjoyed your blog.

Greetings from Scotland. Slainte.

David Moreno said...

Hehehe. I know McD's isn't the best thing to eat, but hey...if I hadn't eaten it, I wouldn't have had much to write about!

Thanks for checking out my blog. Come back often! New posts coming soon - I promise!

Dave :)