Saturday, November 06, 2004


So it turns out that there were about 20 other cars that were victimized by a roving band of drunken idiots that night.

This is what Ann learned at the local tire store, where they couldn't keep enough tires in stock. In fact, we had to order the tire for Ann's car. She was talking to another victim who had his son's tires slashed and swore that "the cops better find these guys before I do." My thought exactly.

From what the guy said, he heard and saw a group of "kids" drinking on the corner earlier that night. He also found the bed of his son's truck filled with beer cans the next morning.

One day and $130 later, we have a new tire. Many thanks to the assholes who found great pleasure in taking food out of my son's mouth for this unexpected expense. I hope you are caught and forced to pay the victims what they spent for new tires. Speaking of which...

The police were here tonight and, from what I can speculate, were questioning one of the 20-something kids next door to me. For someone who wasn't a victim of the slashing, he sure was agitated by the whole thing.

Strange, isn't it?

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