Friday, November 12, 2004


I've added a new banner to the blog. Not because told me to, but because I'm anxiously awaiting the release of "The Phantom of the Opera" movie. It's been a long road, even if at one point Antonio Banderas was being considered for the role of The Phantom. Truth be known, he's not all that bad. See either Spy Kids movie - good for a laugh.

What I'm interested to see is how this elaborate stage production will carry over to the big screen. I've seen the show umpteen times and know quite a bit about it. Even have a prop from it.

If you've seen the show, this is one of the "Notes" from The Phantom.

Here's the envelope:

And here's the note:

These came courtesy of Marie Danvers who played Chistine in the last Los Angeles production of the show. She and my brother are good friends, and she's quite down-to-earth. Ann and I got a chance to meet her after a show. It was funny seeing how many people had no idea who she was when she walked out backstage - and they had just seen the show!

At any rate, Marie enlightened us about one of the dangers of working at Arby's - Potato Cakes. She says they're addicting and swears she's eaten more of those than anybody else on the planet.

They are good...

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