Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Free Eats!

It's pretty rare when I go somewhere for lunch while at work. I usually drink a can of Slim-Fast then take a nap in my car for about 30 minutes.

But yesterday I decided since I had a few bucks in my pocket, I'd go treat myself to a large order of chili cheese fries with onions. Yum.

So I headed over to the local greasy spoon and placed my order in the speaker. I drove up to the window and handed the cashier a $5 bill for the $4.63 I owed.

She gave me back my $5--and the 37 cents in change. She thought I gave her a $10. Profit: $5.37.

It was then one of those moments where you have an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Both had valid points, but the devil had a pitchfork. And in my book, a pitchfork beats a harp. So I played dumb and kept the money.

Then today I went to Taco Bell and ordered a Seven Layer Burrito and a Double Decker Taco, two of my favorites there (next to the Chilito and the Big Bell Beefer). I got all the way to work and looked in the bag--which was missing the taco.

I headed back to the Taco Bell and was lucky enough to get the manager. I explained what happened. He apologized and told one of the girls to whip up a Double Decker Taco. He then handed me a large drink cup which I filled with Diet Pepsi. As I turned to get my order I saw him scribbling something on the back of a business card.

To make up for their mistake, he gave me a hand-written certificate for any combo meal of my choice for free. As he explained, the girl handed me my bag.

"Give him an order of Cinnamon Twists, too," he ordered. I shook his hand and told him his actions were appreciated.

But I'm still keeping the $5.

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