Sunday, June 26, 2005


We went to Burger King the other day for dinner. I was hungry, so I opted for the Double Whopper combo meal.

This is what is depicted at the drive-thru:

Image from

This is what I got:

I had to double-check and make sure that there were two patties in there. Kinda similar to the McDonald's Big Breakfast fiasco, but at least this time I got a picture of it.

Now here's a real burger:

That's the T-Rex Burger from the Wheel Inn, Cabazon, CA. Three patties, and that was before I put the condiments on the thing. The Wheel Inn is aka the place with the big dinosaurs:

Yeah, that's me alright. So I got a little crazy with the pics tonight. Those last two were taken in 2002 with my old Sony Mavica MVC FD-75 digital camera, hence the poor color saturation. But a reliable camera nonetheless.

Oh, and we played some over-the-line on Saturday. My knee is now wrapped in an Ace bandage.

And I'm still cravin' an Icee.

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