Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Glad I'm Healthy

I've been home from work the past few days to take care of Ann and Anthony, both of whom are sick. Ann started feeling ill over the weekend and finally became really sick yesterday.

Anthony also has been sick but he seems to be better today. I was just about ready to leave for work yesterday when Ann called me from her mom's house. She told me that Anthony had just barfed and barfed a lot. So I called in and we took him to the pediatrician, who was also Ann's pediatrician.

He said the kid was fine but that there's a virus going around that's causing all this mess. We went home from there, and that's when Ann began feeling really sick. And barfing. It was then when her mom told her she was starting to feel sick. My God, it was like a scene from "Airplane."

I called in today and sent an email to the boss, apologizing for taking this time off. If there's a good thing about my job is that they don't say much if you have to take days off--you'll be punished with plenty of work to catch up on when you return. She even told me that if I'm feeling bad to stay home so that nobody in the office catches it. So I'm sort of covered.

I can't remember the last time I used the Gateway Solo laptop so much. Sure it's ugly and bulky, but it does what it needs to do. I've been sitting in the den and connecting wirelessly with the thing so that I can keep an eye on Anthony--that is, when I'm not holding him. I've also been checking my work email and doing what I can do to make things less dreadful tomorrow. Even though a bulk of our work still relies on hard copies, I can't imagine how the publishing industry survived before email.

As a preventive measure, I went to Jamba Juice and ordered Coldbusters with Immunity Boosts for us. And Parmesian Pretzels.

Hopefully, we'll be okay.

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