Monday, March 07, 2005

For the Love of Samoas

In case you hadn't noticed, it's Girl Scout cookie time again. And while I'm all for handing over four bucks for a box of these delicious treats, there's something about them that bugs me.

Well, not about the cookies. But about the selling techniques.

I've already purchased a few boxes of Samoas from the pig-tailed pixies that were soliciting their goods outside grocery stores, retail establishments, and even at the swap meet. But here's what bothered me.

Each time I was asked to buy some, I told the girls I had already bought some from a co-worker and elsewhere. As soon as they could say "thank you," their mothers intervene with attempts to make me purchase more.

So here's an open letter to those moms:

Look here, Soccer Mom Sally. I already bought some from you and from a co-worker and at other places. Be glad I'm buying any at all as I'm trying to avoid junk food from now on. Now go back and complain to your fellow housewives about how you dislike Judy's bunco skills. And it looks like you could lay off the Do-Si-Dos yourself.

My God. Be glad I spent $4 on a box of cookies in general.

Oh yeah. A screencap of my brother's "American Dreams" episode has already been posted online. You gotta love the internet. You can see it here. He's the news reporter holding the microphone.

More posts later. I'm on fire.

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