Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ya No Puede Caminar...

I'm laughing. No really, I am.

I was watching KTLA's News @ 10 right now and there was a story about a woman in my city of Long Beach who set off 18 bug bombs in her 400 sq. ft. apartment. I've looked online for a link to this story but there aren't any just yet.

But you can guess why I'm laughing, right? C'mon, now - 18 bug bombs in a 400 sq. ft. apartment? You can guess what happened, right? The report stated that either a pilot light or, and this seems more likely, one of the many religious candles that were seen on the floor in a pan of water ignited the bombs.


The woman refused to say anything to reporters other than that she "hated roaches."

Can you imagine that? One of those things is enough for a decent-sized house but 18 in an apartment? Christ! You must be really stupid, ignorant, retarded or in this lady's case, really hate bugs to use that many. She's lucky she didn't blow herself up while exiting the apartment.

So for that, this lady truly deserves today's Super Milk Chan Award:

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