Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Holy Crap...

Remember a few posts ago when I said I might customize my blog a bit? I tried to in FrontPage and soon realized why I gave up building webpages in the first place.

Jesus, that stuff's confusing as all hell. So you're stuck with this one for a while until I figure something out...which will probably be never. But in all fairness, my sidebar does have some customization.

I took a night off from the GT4 marathon to watch my brother's brief appearance on "American Dreams." Did you see him? If you sneezed, you probably didn't. He only had a few lines and his scene actually caught me by surprise. I taped it and had to rewind the VHS a few times to fully digest it.

And yes, I did say VHS. I don't have a TIVO as this is the first time in, literally, a few years that I've recorded anything from the TV. As such, I don't see the point in paying a subscription fee for something I'll hardly ever use. As it was, I had to record over my BodyBow instructional video. I have no idea where--and if--I have any blank VHS tapes around.

Well, it's off to bed now. Ozzie's snoring his cat-ass off behind me. He'll find his way into the bed when I head to the bedroom in a few minutes.

I hope he brushed his teeth. Man, he's got some breath...!

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