Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Year Ago Today...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Beautiful boy

- John Lennon

I couldn't have been no more than a block away from home when Ann called me on my cell phone.

"You better come home. My water broke."

Ignoring all traffic laws, I made a u-turn and headed back home. A lot of calls were made to friends, family, soon-to-be grandparents and uncles and great-uncles. I packed up three--film, digital, and video--cameras to take into the delivery room. Don't ask me how I did it.

And at the time of this post, I became a father for the first time in my life. And what an amazing experience it was.

Holding Anthony in my arms for the first time after seeing his little heart beat on an ultrasound was just incredible.

He stared at me. I cried. He grabbed my fingers. I cried.

I went home and cried more. I spent as much time at the hospital as I could to take care of him and Ann.

And today, I punch the clock at the end of the day just to be with him. And I'll still cry on occasion when I'm feeding him.

Happy Birthday, Anthony. Daddy loves you!

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