Saturday, March 19, 2005

We're Your Best Friends...

...The Backyardigans!

Now can someone please give me a pistol?

These annoying little turds come on my TV screen every Saturday, singing about their fabricated adventures through their--wait for it--backyard. Hence the name. Isn't that farking clever?

While Anthony sits and thoroughly enjoys these colorful little twits, I personally cannot stand them. I detest them. I wish death upon them. I dare you to try and watch them some Saturday morning on CBS. Just have the remote handy.

Right now they think they are pirates and keep saying, "ARGH! ARGH! ARGH ARGH ARGH!" They sang "The Drunken Sailor" with alternative lyrics.

But despite my efforts to knock them off one by one, there are some who love them. But hey, whatever floats your retarded boat.

Oh, I'm in the process of buying a domain name for my blog. Watch for it.

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