Wednesday, January 11, 2006


My life's been full of interesting decisions lately. I'm not talking life-or-death decisions, just in general.

For example, we went to get new cell phones the other day. While I could have opted for something that simply made calls, Ann applied some logic to the situation: "If you're going to have it for a couple of years, you might as well get something good."

And so we did. We ended up with the LG VX8100. It's got so much crap on it that I don't know what to do half the time. I didn't really need a camera on my phone but I have one now. Here's a shot from the L.A. Auto Show (Saab convertable; image made lo-res for posting goodness):

It's not the sharpest but c''s my friggin' phone! It also has a Mini SD slot to store photos and videos shot with it. Oh, and you can play MP3s on it. Pretty amazing stuff.

Speaking of MP3s, I've also bee contemplating what to do with my old Archos AV140. I like the 40GB of storage and being able to record TV shows onto it, so I'm not really willing to give that up for something that has a smaller storage capacity, does not record, and costs considerably more. Granted, it was me that tried to charge it by using a universal adapter which I believe fried something inside it (it no longer accepts a charge). Repairing it through Archos will cost about $80, which could be put towards something else.

But I like my old MP3 player! And being that there are so many out there, I don't want to have to shop all over again. So there's a good chance I'll send it to the factory and have it refurbished. Just can't see spending more for something that does less.

Oh, and we're choosing on where to go for our vacation sometime in May. There's a chance we could go to Hawaii for dirt cheap but I'm not planning on it. So far, and once again, Las Vegas is the likely destination.

Who knows where we'll end up.

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