Friday, January 20, 2006

The Hell With It...

Okay, you've probably alread noticed that my "Free iPod banner" is now gone. And there's a good reason for it.

Turns out I completed 2 offers through that so-called rewards program and never got the proper credit for them. Not like I ever expected to, but still.

Anyway, since my Archos AV140 is still non-functional and my backup MP3 player's hard drive is beginning to make crunching sounds, I decided to invest in a brand new one. It'll actually be my birthday present--it's on Valentine's Day--as it has not been released just yet.

I'm talking about this:

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Creative Labs' Zen Vision:M. After searching into the wee hours of the morning for weeks on end, this was my choice. Sure, I could have an iPod for $30 less, but this one seemed to appeal to me better. It also has a longer battery life and plays a larger variety of video files. I'm actually thinking about the Skittle-green one shown here, but any color would do.

So I didn't get my free iPod. But after reading the rave reviews the Zen Vision:M received, I'm glad I waited before I invested too much time into that "free" scam. Our taxes are done; our credit cards now paid off. Time to do a little splurging!

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